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Video Archive

SAT 29 MAY 2021 8:00PM GMT+10


Dj, Electronic, Techno, Etc.

SAT 8 MAY 2021 8:00PM GMT+10

Low Flung, Dj Customer Reference Number, Disruptive Patterns

Electronic, Ambient, Dub, Techno, Noise, Etc.

SAT 3 APR 2021 8:30PM GMT+11

Novichok Records 7 Release Party

Live, Noise, Experimental

THU 11 MAR 2021 9:00PM GMT+11


Dj-Mix With Visuals By Video Synth

THU 25 FEB 2021 7:30PM GMT+11


Dj, Techno, Ambient

SAT 13 FEB 2021 8:30PM GMT+11


Dj, Ambient, Experimental

FRI 12 FEB 2021 9:30PM GMT+11

Party Ov One

Live, Noise

FRI 12 FEB 2021 7:30PM GMT+11

The Rookie Feat. K Shaq & Frizzy

Live, Electro, Clip-Hop, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Avantgarde, Ambient

THU 11 FEB 2021 7:30PM GMT+11

Index & Sol

Inclusive & Fringe Sounds Curated By Nicola Morton. All Live Donations Will Go To → First Nations Charity

WED 10 FEB 2021 9:30PM GMT+11

Disruptive Patterns

Dj, Cassette-Music, Noise, Wave, EBM

WED 10 FEB 2021 8:30PM GMT+11

Eternal Dust

Live, Pop, Rock, Guitars

MON 8 FEB 2021 10:30PM GMT+11


Live, Electronic, Electro, Breakcore

MON 8 FEB 2021 9:30PM GMT+11

Dj Customer Reference Number

Noise, Techno, Industrial

SAT 6 FEB 2021 9:30PM GMT+11

Luster & Osc-001

Dj, Techno, Electronic

SAT 6 FEB 2021 7:30PM GMT+11



THU 4 FEB 2021 8:30PM GMT+11

MP Hopkins

Live, Tape, Voice, Feedback

SAT 30 JAN 2021 10:30PM GMT+11

Jónó Mí Ló

Live, Electronic, Experimental, Noise

SAT 30 JAN 2021 9:00PM GMT+11


Live, Electronic, Club-Music

THU 28 JAN 2021 8:30PM GMT+11

Hani Hanbali

Dj, Selection

THU 28 JAN 2021 6:30PM GMT+11


Dj, Pop, Rock, Esoteric

THU 21 JAN 2021 7:30PM GMT+11

Geltech & Nicol

Dj, Techno, Electro, Ambient

SAT 16 JAN 2021 7:30PM GMT+11

Low Flung

Dj, Ambient, Noise

WED 13 JAN 2021 8:30PM GMT+11


Dj, Techno, Dungeon-Synth, Metal

THU 7 JAN 2021 8:30PM GMT+11

Nick Dan & Disruptive Patterns

Live, Experimental, Electronic, Modular

SAT 2 JAN 2021 8:30PM GMT+11


Dj, DNB Vinyl MIX

WED 30 DEC 2020 6:30PM GMT+11


Dj, Vinyl Mix, Rock, Pop

MON 28 DEC 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

Rug Rash

Live, Experimental, Punk, Electronic

SAT 26 DEC 2020 9:00PM GMT+11

Albert Wolski

DJ-Set by Albert w/ visuals by Video Synth

FRI 25 DEC 2020 9:00PM GMT+11

Lisa Lerkenfeldt — A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk. w/ video by Sarah Byrne

Magnetic tape erosion, crumbling textures & distant melodies of a dissolving world

FRI 25 DEC 2020 7:00PM GMT+11


Easy Listening, Bossa, Lounge, Exotica, Ambient/Space Music w/ Visuals by Video Synth

THU 24 DEC 2020 9:00PM GMT+11

Steele Bonus

DJ-Set by Steele Bonus with visuals by Video Synth

SAT 19 DEC 2020 8:30PM GMT+11

Luster & Disruptive Patterns

Techno, Electro, Electronic

THU 17 DEC 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

Del Lumanta

Del will be playing a DJ set live on Gummi this Thursday

WED 16 DEC 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

XSN & Disruptive Patterns

DJ, Electronic, Ambient, Experimental

SAT 12 DEC 2020 7:30PM GMT+11


DJing live from GUMMI

THU 10 DEC 2020 8:30PM GMT+11

Couch & D-Grade

Inclusive & fringe sounds curated by Nicola Morton. All live donations will go to support Radio Skid Row, 2021!

FRI 4 DEC 2020 9:30PM GMT+11

DJ Customer Reference Number

Noise, Industrial, Electronic

FRI 4 DEC 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

DJ Danial

Dance, Rave, Edits

FRI 27 NOV 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

Malchance & Gummi DJs


THU 26 NOV 2020 6:30PM GMT+11

Angie & Gummi DJs

Angie will be playing some records live from GUMMI

FRI 20 NOV 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

Neurotic Bandit & XSN

Live, Electronic, rap, techno, trance, gabber

SAT 14 NOV 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

Gummi #02

w/ Fantastic Fun Guy, Disruptive Patterns, Video Synth & more

THU 12 NOV 2020 7:30PM GMT+11

Club Sound Witches & DJ Mutable Karat

Inclusive & fringe sounds curated by Nicola Morton. All live donations will go to support Radio Skid Row

THU 29 OCT 2020 6:30PM GMT+11


Angie is playing some records live on Gummi this Thursday

WED 28 OCT 2020 9:00PM GMT+11

Gummi #01

w/ Fantastic Fun Guy, Disruptive Patterns, I C B, Video Synth